Echipament manevrare Fassheber

Echipament manevrare Fassheber


The FHR300 drum lifter/transporter excels with its high build quality and its simple handling. Drums can be easily lifted from Euro pallets due to the wide distance between the cantilever arms.


  • Easy lifting and moving of steel corrugated drums from pallets
  • Up to 300 kg load capacity
  • Easy lifting using the foot pump
  • Continuous lowering with the hand lever
  • Wide cantilever arm distance for driving around pallet and picking up drums directly
  • Self-closing gripping mechanism
  • Locking brake
  • Equipped with high-quality polyurethane castors

FHR300 drum lifter/transporter

The self-closing gripping mechanism of the FHR300 drum lifter/transporter makes it particularly easy to lift 208 l drums. Additional arguments in favour of the FHR300 drum lifter/transporter are easy lifting with the foot pump, and the possibility of lowering the drum in a controlled manner using a rotary knob. This unit can lift and transport 208 l drums both from the floor and from a pallet. The castors are made of high-quality polyurethane.

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Technical specifications

Load capacity (Q)300 kg
Barrel types208l DIN
Mast height1,825 mm / 1590 mm
Lift (lower edge of drum)800 mm
Clear chassis width830 mm
Service weight (kg)75 kg